The Brothers’ Lot

“The Brothers’ Lot” by Kevin Holohan (Ireland) Review Readers’ enjoyment of this story was strongly influenced by how close they felt to the subject matter. Some found it a difficult book to read, especially since many of the abuses within church-run institutions in Ireland are still coming to light today. Readers who had the benefit of distance from the subject matter enjoyed the book immensely, … Continue reading The Brothers’ Lot

How Many Miles To Babylon?

“How Many Miles To Babylon?” by Jennifer Johnston (Ireland) Review Readers described “How Many Miles To Babylon?” as a beautiful book and most of them were moved by the friendship between Alec and Jerry. Through the author’s rich use of dialogue, they were able to visualise the different characters and the sceneries with ease. They found both the descriptions of the Irish countryside and the … Continue reading How Many Miles To Babylon?