Sleeping on Jupiter

“Sleeping on Jupiter” by Anuradha Roy (India)  Review From a classic plot-driven novel to an unusual collective ‘novel-essay,’ the four shortlisted books for this year’s Summer Reading Group varied greatly in structure, style of writing, and point of view. Our summer readers also noticed a recurrent theme in all four of dreams and their many meanings. At the end of the discussion, when it came … Continue reading Sleeping on Jupiter

A Fine Balance

“A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry (India) Synopsis Set in mid-1970s India, “A Fine Balance” tells the story of four unlikely people whose lives come together during a time of political turmoil soon after the government declares a ‘State of Internal Emergency.’ Through days of bleakness and hope, their circumstances – and their fates – become inextricably linked in ways no one could have foreseen. … Continue reading A Fine Balance

Clear Light of Day

“Clear Light of Day” by Anita Desai (India) Review Interestingly, there was a clear divide between readers whose first language is English and those for whom it is a foreign language. The native English speakers loved the book, whereas the non-native speakers did not enjoy it overall. This was largely due to the style of writing, choice of words and sentence structure (long complex sentences). … Continue reading Clear Light of Day