The Society of Reluctant Dreamers

“The Society of Reluctant Dreamers” by José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola) Review Readers enjoyed this book a lot finding it intriguing and an easy read. They liked the different styles, such as magical realism and diary entries, which they said held their attention. They found all the characters interesting and warmed to the narrator. Readers liked the contrast between his withdrawn personality and his contentious former … Continue reading The Society of Reluctant Dreamers

The Island

“The Island” by Ana María Matute (Spain) Review Once they had gotten used to the style of writing and dated language, most readers liked this coming-of-age story. They felt that the long passages and the frequent use of parenthesis as commentary demanded that they pay attention. They loved the descriptions of the people and places, and thought the imagery used was highly evocative of both … Continue reading The Island

Man Tiger

“Man Tiger” by Eka Kurniawan (Indonesia) Review Even though it took them a while to get used to the writing style, which weaves back and forward through moments in time, readers agreed that the book, with its visceral descriptions and an evocative setting, was easy to read. They found some characters sympathetic, but didn’t warm to most of them as they felt that they lacked … Continue reading Man Tiger


“Ceremony” by Leslie Marmon Silko (USA) Review Although readers struggled with the non-linear narrative to begin with, they quickly got into the story and were immersed in it. They warmed to the protagonist and liked the diversity of other characters: from his family members to the medicine men; from his childhood friends to his lovers. Readers liked the writing style with its mix of prose … Continue reading Ceremony

Best Summer Read 2022

The four shortlisted books for this year’s Summer Reading Group all had highly original writing styles and structures, making each one of them a treat to read despite some serious themes, such as racism, trauma, and death. After an in-depth discussion on each of them, “The Promise” was voted Best Summer Read by a majority of readers. “The Promise” by Damon Galgut (South Africa) was … Continue reading Best Summer Read 2022

Holiday Heart

“Holiday Heart” by Margarita Garcia Robayo (Colombia) Review Although most readers enjoyed some elements of the book, finding it easy to read, there were mixed feelings about the characters. Most didn’t engage with any of them and, as a result, didn’t feel emotionally invested in their story. They felt that the protagonists’ relationship was joyless and struggled to empathise with either of them. One reader … Continue reading Holiday Heart

Before the Coffee gets Cold

“Before the Coffee gets Cold” by Toshikazu Kawaguchi (Japan) Review There were mixed feelings about this book, with most readers not really getting into the story at all and some enjoying it a lot. They found the first part a bit unconvincing, with a lot of repetitive passages which they felt slowed down the pace. But they agreed that the remaining three parts flowed better. … Continue reading Before the Coffee gets Cold