Please Look After Mother

“Please Look After Mother” by Kyung-Sook Shin (S. Korea) Synopsis “Please Look After Mother” is the story of So-nyo, a wife and mother, who has lived a life of sacrifice and compromise. In the past she suffered a stroke, leaving her vulnerable and often confused. Now, travelling from the Korean countryside to the Seoul of her grown-up children, So-nyo is separated from her husband when … Continue reading Please Look After Mother

I Do Not Come to You by Chance

“I Do Not Come to You by Chance” by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani (Nigeria) Synopsis Kingsley is fresh out of university, eager to find an engineering job so he can support his family and marry the girl of his dreams. Being the opara of the family, he is entitled to certain privileges – a piece of meat in his egusi soup, a party to celebrate his … Continue reading I Do Not Come to You by Chance

Second-Class Citizen

“Second-Class Citizen” by Buchi Emecheta (Nigeria) Review Most readers enjoyed the book, finding the story very touching and inspiring. They liked the protagonist Adah whom they found both naïve and strong. The descriptions of her life, first in Nigeria growing up, then in London as a young mother and wife, were realistic and effective. The secondary characters were both funny and horrendous at times. Readers … Continue reading Second-Class Citizen

Things Fall Apart

“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe (Nigeria) Review Members of the Book Club enjoyed the book immensely. They felt great sympathy for the main character, Okonkwo, who grapples with his determination not to be like his weak father. Some readers felt they could relate to this desire to be the opposite of a despised parent and the danger this obsession represents. They liked the language … Continue reading Things Fall Apart

The Dream Life of Sukhanov

“The Dream Life of Sukhanov” by Olga Grushin (Russia) Synopsis Stepping out into the dusk of a warm Moscow evening, esteemed art critic Anatoly Sukhanov feels on top of the world: his career is glittering, his wife is beautiful and his children are clever. But the year is 1985 and the air is heavy with change… Read more Summer Reading Reviews Members of the Summer … Continue reading The Dream Life of Sukhanov