I Think of You

“I Think of You” by Ahdaf Soueif (Egypt) Review Readers were delighted with this collection of short stories which they really enjoyed reading. They loved the language and the style of writing that gave a clear voice to each of the narrators bringing them vividly alive. They liked the descriptions of the situations the characters find themselves in and the author’s use of minor details … Continue reading I Think of You

Last Evenings on Earth

“Last Evenings on Earth” by Roberto Bolano (Chile) Review The first book of the new season was a difficult one for most readers, who used words such as depressing, melancholic, bitty and unusual to express their first impressions of it. They described the style of writing as distinctive, but flat and devoid of emotion. As a result, they found it extremely hard to warm to … Continue reading Last Evenings on Earth

Best Summer Read 2007

Members of the Summer Reading Group enjoyed the selection of books this year, though they found the themes of each one quite melancholic! They voted “The Dream Life of Sukhanov” by Olga Grushin the Best Summer Read 2007. This is a first novel by a young Russian author, which was shortlisted for the Orange Award for New Writers in 2006. Readers found heart-breaking this complex … Continue reading Best Summer Read 2007