The Metamorphosis

“The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka (Czech Republic) Review Readers really enjoyed both the story, which they felt had been honed and polished, and the style of writing, which they described as clear and precise despite some formal language used at times. They all found Gregor Samsa a highly likeable character and felt compassion for his plight. Everyone agreed that the characters’ emotions were powerfully described, … Continue reading The Metamorphosis

Too Loud a Solitude

“Too Loud a Solitude” by Bohumil Hrabal (Czech Republic) One of Nicola’s 100 best books for inspiration in the 21st century! Extract and Comment … I pick up a book, and my eyes open panic-stricken on a world other than my own, because when I start reading I’m somewhere completely different, I’m in the text, it’s amazing, I have to admit I’ve been dreaming, dreaming … Continue reading Too Loud a Solitude