Before Night Falls

“Before Night Falls” by Reinaldo Arenas (Cuba) Review Readers had mixed feelings about this book, with some liking it while others found it hard to read. They described the writing style as being inconsistent as they found some passages well written, whereas others felt very mechanistic. Some readers also thought that there were a bit too many erotic scenes, which broke up the flow of … Continue reading Before Night Falls

Distant Palaces

“Distant Palaces” by Abilio Estevez (Cuba) Synopsis and Review “Distant Palaces”: transforming creative energy into life When Victorio learns that his home is about to be demolished he leaves his job, burns his possessions and takes to the streets. Wandering the city, he meets two people who change his life: Salma, a young prostitute, and Don Fuco, an enigmatic old man who performs as a … Continue reading Distant Palaces