“Hustle” by Will Ferguson (Canada)


Most readers really enjoyed the book finding that, once they got into it, they were hooked and couldn’t put it down. They felt the use of language, with its many colloquialisms, was wonderful and gave them a clear sense of the place and time. Readers thought that the historical and socio-economic elements running through the story were extremely clever and gave it a vivid backdrop. Some readers warmed to the three main characters, despite their questionable activities, whereas others preferred to keep their distance! Everyone enjoyed reading about the different cons even if they felt that there were a bit too many of them in some parts of the book. One reader found that the story was over constructed so didn’t enjoy it as much as the others. Nicola was particularly delighted to discover that the author had included a little riddle for the observant reader and so now we know the moral of the whole story! Overall, it averaged an 8.2 out of 10.

Note: In North America, this book has been published under the title “Spanish Fly”.


Nineteen-year old Jack McGreary is adrift in the faded boomtown of Paradise Flats. Raised by his eccentric and increasingly erratic father, Jack has learned to live by his wits. When a pair of fast-talking swindlers named Virgil and Miss Rose blow through town, Jack falls in with them… Read more

Nicola’s Book Club reading list

Season 17 – “The Human Condition” (Feb – Jun 2013)

“Hustle” by Will Ferguson (Canada) *
“The Gaze” by Elif Shafak (Turkey)
“Goodbye Lucille” by Segun Afolabi (Nigeria)
“The Lake” by Banana Yoshimoto (Japan)
“The Sickness” by Alberto Barrera Tyszka (Venezuela) 

* The book club favourite
In italics, Nicola’s Coup de Cœur

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