Eva Luna

“Eva Luna” by Isabel Allende (Chile) One of Nicola’s 100 best books for inspiration in the 21st century! Review Most readers really enjoyed the book. They loved the rich descriptions of the different places and people. They liked Allende’s style of writing, which they described as confident and captivating. Most of the discussion centred on the part of the story set in South America and … Continue reading Eva Luna

The Zahir

“The Zahir” by Paulo Coelho (Brazil) Synopsis and Review “The Zahir”: we can think of nothing else One day a renowned author discovers that his wife, a war correspondent, has disappeared leaving no trace. Though time brings more success and new love, he remains mystified – and increasingly fascinated – by her absence. Was she kidnapped, blackmailed, or simply bored with their marriage? The unrest … Continue reading The Zahir

Black Waltz

“Black Waltz” by Patricia Melo (Brazil) Synopsis and Review “Black Waltz”: a dance spiralling into insanity Jealousy is the focus of this classic psychological thriller by one of Brazil’s most acclaimed writers. A successful conductor of a major symphony orchestra is married to a gifted violinist close to thirty years his junior. But he is haunted by a voice that gnaws at his trust, his … Continue reading Black Waltz