World Map

Another Way to See the World

Five thousand years of human history have brought us to the threshold of a new age. It is an age typified by science and technology, by the end of colonial domination, by a growing awareness of the interdependence of all nations and all peoples.

Such a moment in history demands that we look critically at our understanding of the world. This understanding is based, to a significant degree, on the work of mapmakers of the age when Europe dominated and exploited the world.
Surprisingly, maps still reflect that bygone era (e.g. the Mercator projection, which has two-thirds of the map representing the Northern hemisphere, one-third the Southern hemisphere).

First introduced by German historian Arno Peters in 1974, this new map provides a helpful corrective to the distortions of traditional maps… No less than our worldview is at stake…

In this complex and interdependent world in which nations now live, the peoples of the world deserve the most accurate possible portrayal of their world. The Peters Map is that map for our day.